Guilty Gear Dust Strikers

While most fighting games put you up against one other opponent, Dust Strikers throws four whacked-out combatants in the arena at once. To make things even crazier, there are floating platforms that span both DS screens to jump on or around. Occasionally power-ups and traps spring up to keep one person from totally dominating the match. Think sexier, bloodier Smash Bros. and you're starting to get the idea. Four player battles aren't new to the series, though - 2004's Guilty Gear Isuka had them, but you were confined to the flat landscape of typical 2D fighters.

The only thing we're concerned with is the chaotic presentation of the console games. Their rich animation and metalhead soundtracks might have to be toned down a bit for the handheld. On the other hand, most of the deep counter (and counter-counter) moves are making the jump, like the Roman Cancel and Dust Attack (We'll explain those later. It's fancy fighting game stuff).

Dust Strikers drops the impossibly-conceived cast of characters in our laps on April 3.