Guillermo del Toro discusses The Hobbit!

Oh happy day, Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro would like to direct The Hobbit.

Speaking to EW, del Toro said: “I’ve heard some rumblings, but nothing official. I don’t want to think about it because it’s such an eventuality.” Del Toro told EW: “It’s the only Tolkien book I read. I tried my best to read the Lord of the Rings, the trilogy. I could not. I could not. They were very dense. And then one day, I bought The Hobbit. I read it and I loved it. So it would be a privilege. But listen, I wish I knew.”

He continued: “I met Peter and Fran when we were trying to do Halo. I think what they’re doing in New Zealand is amazing. What they’re doing, in terms of the way they approach filmmaking — the way I see it is, it’s Hollywood the way God intended it. Because it’s a filmmaker’s dream and a filmmaker’s facility. So it’s heaven. The question is: Will I go to heaven? I have no idea.”

Read the full interview here , then sit back and just imagine what a del Toro Hobbit would look like. Then try and imagine what part he'd cast Ron Perlman in...

source:( Entertainment Weekly )