Guild Wars: Eye of the North - interview

The Guild Wars franchise has always succeeded in delivering content that appeals to a variety of players. Whether you like the occasional quest, running dungeons on Hard mode for epic loot, helping your guild rise the PvP ranks, or starting your own naked dance orgy in town, the series has always been able to deliver - minus the monthly fees.

But while Guild Wars still looks great on the visual front when compared to World of Warcraft, it’s beginning to show subtle signs of aging. The more we learn about the series’ expansion, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, the clearer it becomes that this will be the last hoorah for the original, the last chance for exploring Ascalon’s rich lore, the last chance for new features, epic dungeons, new races, and memorable faces. This is the final expansion, a conclusive adventure before we bridge the gap to the upcoming sequel, Guild Wars 2.

If you’ve never played Guild Wars, now is probably not the time to start. But, the more we see of it, the more we’re convinced that Eye of the North will be the sort of title that no self-respecting fan should be without.

We recently got a chance to talk to the game’s lead designer, James Phinney, about why Korea tends to dominate global PvP and how the Guild Wars culture is prone to dancing in the buff. Oh yeah, and he talks about some of the new features you’ll see in Eye of the North too.

If you’re brain isn’t exploding with Guild Wars details and trios of Mesmers shaking their booties in an unabashed underpants dance, then be sure to click onward to learn more about the new expansion’s minigames, and the return of one of its most memorable characters.