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Guess The Movie From The High Concept

This week sees the release of high concept sci-fi thriller Outlander.

Like all great high concept movies, you can sum up the plot in five words or less; Vikings Vs. Aliens.

It’s inspired an office game, and we thought we’d give you a chance to join in.

So see if you can guess the following films from the following high concepts, and give us your answers in the comments section.

We’ll give you a picture clue for each section, then you’re on your own. Good luck!


1) Masked shape kills babysitters.

2) Troubled child grows-up, kills babysitters.

3) Demon invades teenage dreams.

4) Mutant hillbillies hunt holidaying family.

5) Ballet school has witch teachers.

6) Necronomicon read aloud in cabin.

7) Nazi zombies attack skiers.

8) Movie geeks meet real slasher.

9) Businessmen pay to kill tourists.

10) Mummy's boy murders hotel guests.

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21) Girl marries time traveller.

22) Girl falls in love with vampire.

23) Boy meets girl by radio.

24) Boy meets girl by email.

25) Boy meets girl on Titanic.

26) Girls wins date with boy.

27) Boy erases girl from memory.

28) Star-crossed lovers meet, die.

29) Masochistic secretary works for sadist.

30) Editor chats-up reporter very quickly.

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31) Alien hunts soldiers in jungle.

32) Time traveller meets teenage parents.

33) Haunted house movie in space.

34) Haunted house movie with space-soldiers.

35) Haunted house movie in space-prison.

36) Space-soldiers fight giant bugs.

37) Robotic assassin travels in time.

38) Robotic protector travels in time.

39) Robotic lady travels in time.

40) Criminal becomes robot in future.

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41) Brat Pack Billy the kid.

42) Sheriff fights villain at midday.

43) Veteran's neice kidnapped by Indians.

44) Nice, nasty and unnatractive cowboys.

45) Bank robbers become train robbers.

46) Modern cowboy finds some money.

47) Australian cowboy gets an offer.

48) Retired cowboy helps his friend.

49) Two gay cowboys.

50) Seven spectacular cowboys gather together.

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51) Cop fights terrorists in building.

52) Die Hard on a bus.

53) Die Hard on a plane.

54) Die Hard with a cook.

55) Martial-artist fights drug-lord in contest.

56) British spy sleeps with women.

57) Archeologist hunts lost supernatural artifact.

58) Realistic Batman fights realistic Joker.

59) Weapons dealer becomes pacifist superhero.

60) Teenager bitten by radioactive spider.

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