Guess the game from the sound effect

Number 14:

You missed a note in Guitar Hero. You plum.

Above: You'll hear that sound a lot if you don't calibrate the TV lag

Number 15:

Metal Gear Solid's Codec call sound. Look, we're busy, alright?

Above: If Snake has to talk to it, surely the guards can hear him?

Number 16:

Mario Kart 64's weapon pickup sound as the spinner starts. Which weapon will you get?

Above: This is probably our second favourite Mario Kart, after the original

Number 17:

Did you get this one? It's Space Invaders from 1978 - a shot fired and hitting its target.

Above: The first game to use a cover system?

Number 18:

Another tricky one. The clue is in the slight reverb that features on all the sound in the game - it's the weapon pick-up sound from the original WipEout.

Above: You can't blow up enemy ships in the first WipEout, only slow them down

Number 19:

You put a coin in Virtua Fighter 2... or at least pressed start on Saturn. This one's still present in Virtua Fighter 5 so you should have heard it even if you're relatively new to gaming.

Above: Still great after 15 years. Japan even got a PS2 arcade port. Where's ours?

Number 20:

Sadly, (and wholly undeservedly) obscure, this is the sound of NiGHTS dashing. You might have heard it on the Wii game or the PS2 EyeToy arm-killer, but this is from the Saturn original.

Above: Would you have recognised the alarm clock? Nah, didn't think so

Justin Towell

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