Guess the game from the sound effect

Number 21:

An easy one. Yoshi's here! From Super Mario World.

Above: The sound triggers when he appears and when Mario gets on his back

Number 22:

It's the shield regenerate sound from Halo 3, but it's similar in all three Halo games.

Above: Halo's most memorable sound comes from standing still

Number 23:

Another classic coin insert, this time from 1986's OutRun. We had some more coin insert counds, but they were too obscure. This one was too magical to leave out.

Above: From the days when loose change was your five-minute ticket to heaven

Number 24:

Did you get it? It's the sound of getting a tetris in Tetris. Triggered by clearing the maximum four lines at once with a 'long one', it may sound odd, but it's the sweet sound of success.

Above: No! We need the next one to be the inverted Z! Gaaargh!

Number 25:

And finally. The first time we heard this in Resident Evil 4, we thought it was a motorbike. "Who could be revving a motorbike here? What? Oh my God it's a chainsaw man!" We almost went with the decapitation sound, but it was too messy, both in audio fidelity and resulting goo.

Hope that one didn't leave you on 24/25...

Above: Is that chainsaw on fire? We'd be surprised if it's not coated in boiling acid too. Laced with splinters and rejection.

Oct 09, 2008

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