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If Michael Bay made GTA 5 videos, this would be his magnum opus

I consider myself a collector of exotic GTA 5 videos, so please understand the gravity of the following statement: this video is my everything. It's so good. Blacksmoke Billy, who previously brought us the extreme sports of GTA 5 truck tricking and ramp-offing, has outdone himself this time.

If Uncharted 3's plane scene inspired one of the centerpiece stunts of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, then I expect this flipping, spine transferring, mid-air helicopter blasting tank to re-appear in the next Fast & Furious. The best part is that it only uses minimal mods - just enough to build that ramp out on the airport tarmac. The rest is all skill, editing, and a whole lot of trial and error (Blacksmoke Billy notes in the video comments that it took him at least 20 attempts). Sometimes you have to suffer for your art.

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