GTA Online's Pacific Standard Job gets one last double GTA$ and RP event

Any good crime spree has to end with one last score. The fifth and final GTA Online (opens in new tab) Heist, The Pacific Standard Job, is worth double GTA$ and reputation points through the weekend, bringing an end to Rockstar's string of Heist bonus events (opens in new tab).

The big bank job, which requires players to steal bikes from a biker gang, liberate a criminal from police custody, and destroy a private military convoy just for the setup, will also have double RP and GTA$ rewards for completing its elite challenges: complete the finale in under 10:15, don't let the cops call in NOOSE (in other words, don't kill any hostages), and finish without anybody in your crew getting wasted.

While you're searching for like-minded criminals to conspire with, you can also participate in these activities for double RP:

- Deathmatch: Finish in Top 3, Run Over and Kill an Enemy Using a Vehicle
- Missions: Not Losing Any Lives Bonus
- Races: Clean Lap, Fastest Lap, First for Whole Lap, Get Into 1st Place, Overtake Player 5 Times, Overtake Player 10 Times, Slipstream for 5 Seconds
- Simeon Car Export Requests
- Stunt Jumps
- Survival: Enemy Kill, Vehicle Destroyed

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