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Hulk left the Avengers to be in this GTA 5 mod

GTA 5 PC mods have been circling the subject for a while: you've wreaked havoc in Iron Man's Hulkbuster suit, and you've even lumbered around as a dyed-green pretender. But this new mod from GTA X Scripting provides the true GTA 5 experience of Hulk ultimate destruction you've been waiting for (or at least since The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction came out in 2005).

The mod doesn't just make you huge and green - it also enables a ton of new moves, complete with special animations. Slam your mighty green hands together to cause a shockwave, send crowds flying with a high-speed shoulder charge, and even pick up and throw cars or pedestrians. I want to say my favorite is the classic lamp-post-as-baseball-bat maneuver, but with further consideration I have to hand it to the "puff out your chest and bellow" move. Simple yet effective.

Actually installing the Hulk mod is a somewhat complicated process, which involves several prerequisite mods and even submitting some PC info to the mod's creator; proceed with due caution if you want to try it yourself. Or skip all the fuss and just watch the video again.

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