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Grimm 2.20 "Kiss Of The Muse" REVIEW

TV REVIEW Lust at first sight

Grimm 2.20 "Kiss Of The Muse" TV REVIEW

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Episode 2.20
Writer: Sean Calder
Director: Tawnia McKiernan

THE ONE WHERE Juliette finally remembers everything, just in time for Nick to fall under the spell of a muse-like Wesen who’s left a trail of broken hearts and bodies behind her.

VERDICT So Juliette remembers. Finally. And actually, after all those episodes of her moping and generally being irritating and a bit dim, her first action when the memories flood back is to save Nick himself from a wesen he can't fight. Hurrah. Was it a bit melodramatic that [insert Princess Bride voice here] “twoo love” was able to defeat the curse? Of course it was. But as a reminder of the strength of the bond between our hero and his girlfriend it was probably a bit overdue.

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It seems a long time ago since Juliette was the strong and capable vet seriously considering dumping her brooding but hot boyfriend because he seemed to have a cupboard full of secrets, but if this is a sign of a change in dynamic and character then it's definitely worth rejoicing.

While our titular muse Khloe Sedgwick (Nora Zehetner) had more chemistry in a few scenes with Detective Burkhardt than anything Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli have pulled together in the clichéd cheese of their shared relationship flashbacks so far, at least this suggests that Juliette might become less of a damsel in distress. Bitsie Tulloch is clearly a capable actress, but the material she's had this season has been eye-gougingly awkward at times, especially compared with other female regulars (although another Adalind-free week makes for more sad times).

Team Grimm (including an incapacitated Hank, whose injury has been written in as Russell Hornsby hurt himself in similar fashion in real life) uniting once more to save their granite-faced leader from himself made for some fun moments, and with a pleasing amount of Sgt Wu proves as ever that the greatness of Grimm is the ensemble.

One of the highlights of the second season so far, although perhaps in part because – finally – Juliette has her memory back. The case of the week entwined the development of the ongoing arc well though, making for a very satisfying episode all round.

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BEST BIT Renard wogeing out to warn Khloe to leave Portland and never come back. Although surely letting a clearly dangerous Wesen out there to inspire other men to murder and death isn’t ideal; maybe the Captain was worried about the paperwork… That said, with every passing episode it seems more and more hilarious that word hasn't got out that Portland is the Wesen capital of the world.

BEST LINES Rosalee’s glee turns to awkwardness as she joins Monroe in the exposition trailer:
Monroe: “It's a veritable museum of Wesen-ology, chronicling the Grimms' proud tradition of hunting and beheading people like us.”
Rosalee: “Oh. Nice to know.”

Narin Bahar

Grimm season two airs in the UK on Watch on Monday nights at 9pm

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