Green Lantern writer penning Blade Runner sequel

We haven’t heard much from the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel since last summer, when original screenwriter Hampton Fancher was revealed to be returning for the second outing.

However, the situation now seems to have changed, with The Wrap revealing that scripting duties are to be taken on by Green Lantern co-writer Michael Green.

Given Green Lantern ’s sluggish and occasionally clunky dialogue, it’s a move that’s unlikely to please fans, although Green’s earlier work on Smallville and Heroes might provide some reassurance.

Meanwhile, the report also claims that Ridley Scott is deep in negotiations with Harrison Ford to convince him to return as Rick Deckard. This too is something of a departure from earlier accounts claiming that Ford’s character would not feature this time out.

Here’s hoping that Alcon’s initial promise regarding the sequel’s motivations holds true. “We want people to know that we're very serious about doing this in an artistic way,” said the studio. “This isn't just commercial fodder.”

We shall see…

George Wales

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