Green Lantern: War Journal #1 puts John Stewart back on the front line

One of the variant covers for Green Lantern: War Journal #1.
(Image credit: DC Comics)

Sometime soldier and Green Lantern John Stewart is about to be called up for another tour of duty... The latest book to be announced in the ongoing Dawn of DC programme is Green Lantern: War Journal by writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Montos. 

Johnson who, when not writing comics, is also a Master Sergeant in the US Army, promises the new series will be, "The most epic '80s sci-fi action movie you haven't seen."

DC's synopsis for the issue reads:

"John Stewart's time as a Green Lantern has come to an end…or so he thinks. A family tragedy calls him back home, and as John begins to reclaim the brilliant career he once left behind, he tries to embrace a peaceful post-superhero life. But when a terrifying and contagious force with a mysterious connection to Oa appears on Earth, the last Green Lantern of another universe comes seeking the only warrior to face this threat and win: the immortal 'Guardian and Builder,' John Stewart himself! Can this brilliant but brash young Lantern help John discover the qualities that made him one of the greatest Lanterns of the entire Multiverse?"

Check out the main and alternative covers (including a very cool glow in the dark dog tag variant!) for Green Lantern: War Journal #1 in the gallery below.

Johnson and Montos have also been creating the backup stories in the core Green Lantern comic, which launched last month. The writer promises a very different feel for War Journal, however. 

"The prologue stories in the back of Green Lantern #1-3 have a clear sci-fi/fantasy feel, but when Green Lantern: War Journal #1 drops, it's going to start feeling less like Dune and a lot more like Predator, The Terminator, and Aliens. Sometimes you just need '80s James Cameron, and that's what this is. By the end of this series, readers are going to know exactly who John Stewart is, and why he was born to be a Green Lantern." 

Green Lantern: War Journal #1 is published by DC on September 19.

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