GRAW 2 - play it now

Will the PC version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 be much better than its 360 predecessor, or will it be a first-person version of the same game with a few new maps, multiplayer modes, and a grittier look? Either way, we're not likely to be disappointed considering how much fun the 360 version was.

But now you cansee for yourself, as publisher, Ubisoft has released the single player demo, featuring the game's first map, Search and Destroy. You canclick here for a list of sites hosting the demo.

Above: Here's an advanced look at thearea you'll be touring through in the demo

But before you jump into demo, take a second to click on the Movies tab above and check out the third developer diary. In it, the development team from GRIN explores thePC version's new multiplayer modes and features in addition to answering questions from fans.