Grant Morrison teases first work with All-Star Superman co-creator Frank Quitely since 2015

All-Star Superman comic art
(Image credit: DC)

Legendary All-Star Superman creators Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely look to be reuniting soon for an enigmatic new comic - at least, that's what Morrison is teasing.

In their new Substack newsletter, Morrison includes an apparent teaser image along with the text "Morrison/Quitely". As for what the image itself includes, it's a few sketches that look like potential panel layouts, along with a bit of what seems to be dialogue from a comic script, though all the lines are cut off. 

Here's what it says, including the truncations and capitalization:

"Todd is resolved. BY GOD I'L"




"CUT TO dad's hand with"

"envelope with a SPACEX lo"

"STARX) slit open"

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely teaser

(Image credit: Grant Morrison)

Some of the lines are easy to potentially piece together, but there's no way to say what the story itself may be. The heading of the newsletter is "Xanaduum Presents," potentially implying that the comic will be hosted on Morrison's Substack, which is of course titled Xanaduum.

Morrison and Quitely have worked together numerous times, notably on All-Star Superman, which will provide some inspiration for the upcoming Superman: Legacy film, as well as New X-Men, which redefined Marvel's mutant heroes shortly after the release of the original 2000 X-Men film. 

Other big shared works include We3, about a trio of genetically enhanced animal super soldiers, and Batman & Robin, in which Dick Grayson took on the mantle of Batman with Damian Wayne appearing as Robin for the first time, and Justice League: Earth 3, which introduced a new version of the Crime Syndicate.

Morrison and Quitely last worked together on the 2015 Multiversity issue Pax Americana, a kind of unofficial sequel to Watchmen starring the original Charlton heroes who inspired the characters of Doctor Manhattan, Nite-Owl, and others in an alternate DC Multiverse timeline.

Morrison and Quitely's All-Star Superman tops our list of the best Superman stories of all time.

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