Gradius Collection

If you're up to the challenge, Gradius Collection offers five different versions to play. Parts one through four are here, plus Gradius Gaiden, a PlayStation-only game most of us probably never played. These are straight-up ports too - no fancy PSP features have been added in the way of graphics or sound, so get ready for some 1985, bleepy-bloopy goodness.

There are a few extra options for hardcore fans, however. The aspect ratio can be messed with, presenting the games in either arcade-accurate mode or a blurry, stretched full-screen mode. You'll also be able to save your progress and pick up battles later if you have to suddenly stop playing - perfect for portability.

Five games for one price is always a sweet deal, but when they're all part of one of the best shooter series ever, there's no reason for tough-as-nails gamers to pass this compilation by.