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Gotham Knights teaser seemingly reveals the Court of Owls' labyrinthian hideout

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

WB Games has released a brief and cryptic teaser for Gotham Knights, and it looks like a glimpse into the underground maze where the Court of Owls held Batman captive in the comic books.

With this latest tease, WB Games is emphasizing the Court of Owls as the Gotham Knights' primary enemy in the upcoming title. While the studio has confirmed that Gotham Knights will tell an original story not based on the comics, there's a clear resemblance between the dark corridor in the new teaser and the group's labyrinth from the comics. It's there that The Talon holds Batman captive and feeds him nothing but drugged water, which elicits hallucinations - the jarring camera cuts and layout changes could be subtly calling back to that storyline.

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Talking to GamesRadar, senior producer Fleur Marty explained the decision to incorporate the Court of Owls storyline into Gotham Knights. "We were very fortunate in a way because, with our relationship with DC and the fact that that element of the story is relatively recent, we could get into a room and have conversations with some of the main stakeholders of the DC side, and really figure out what was the best way to interpret some of those ideas and these characters – the heroes as well as the adversaries, for the kind of game we wanted to make."

Gotham Knights takes place after the apparent death of Batman, leaving Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood to bear the Dark Knight torch and contend with a corrupt GCPD, not to mention the Court of Owls and the Talons. But fear not, Gotham Knights features seamless, drop-in co-op in case you need some help.

Want to learn more about the Gotham Knights baddies? Here's everything you need to know about the Court of Owls, explained by the comic book experts at Newsarama.

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