Google Maps-style feature for Supreme Commander

Gas Powered Games has unveiled a Google Maps-style feature for its recently released RTS Supreme Commander that will shortly be released for the game in a patch. reports that the developer has built a map of Earth via which players can discover stats on any registered Supreme Commander player. In addition, the map can show the likes of multiplayer matches currently in progress - which it's said you can join in with by clicking on the match location - and the Supreme Commander top 10 players.

Chris Taylor's described the world map as "a way to visualize the worldwide community, really showing where these people are."

During conversation with the website at a recent THQ press event, Taylor also dropped a hint about Gas Powered's next game which is already in production.

"I can't say too much. I will just say this. I'm a guy who has four boys. I am very inspired as a father to build a game that the whole family can enjoy. Not only a game my kids can play but my 40 year old friends," he said.

March 2, 2007