GOG.com scores Outcast and more titles from Atari

What is Outcast?

The 1999 classic made a name for itself with its impressive visuals and genre blending. Part third-person shooter, part platformer, part RPG, and part adventure, the game featured an impressive story set in a fully fleshed out sci-fi universe that rivals games, like Mass Effect, in terms of detail and depth. It was also a technical powerhouse, full of advanced bloom, shadow, and particle effects making it one of the most beautiful (and difficult to run) games at the time. Outcast’s beautiful environments still hold up well by today’s standards, and we’re hoping players who missed out on it the first time around check it out when it arrives at GOG this April.

Above: One last thing we like that’s kind of Outcast-related. Sorta

Mar 25, 2010