Godfall developer discusses DualSense, haptics, and SSD details

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 A Counterplay Games developer has shared everything you need to know about the DualSense capability when playing Godfall.

The PS5 release date isn't far away and will introduce the brand new DualSense controller. The DualSense is reported to have refined haptic feedback that will capture a broader range of motions when playing a game as well as have adaptive trigger buttons that can change in tension for different in-game activities.

In a new PlayStation blog post, Godfall’s technical producer, Dick Heyne, explained how Counterplay Games have utilized the DualSense and discussed how using the PS5 controller will impact the gameplay of Godfall.

Heyne started out by sharing how the developers knew early on that they would use PS5’s capabilities to their advantage, and the result has created a unique combat system that will be fully realised with the help from the DualSense: “Not only have we been tuning the haptic feedback on a per weapon class basis, we’ve dug into the individual attacks and tuned them to get the feel just right. We really wanted to challenge ourselves to push the limits of the system, aiming to have the players feel each and every swing,” he said. 

Heyne discussed how the rhythm of combat in action melee games are really important, saying that before working with the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback, the weight of the melee combat wasn’t there. 

“Since players can have up to two weapons in their loadout at any time, there is a thrill in switching from one weapon class to another and feeling the difference in the palm of your hand,” explains Heyne. “The Dual Blades might feel quick and nimble, whereas the Warhammer will feel powerful and weighty. This feature alone makes playing Godfall on PS5 feel like a whole new experience.” 

Heyne also shared details on loading times in Godfall, saying that with PS5’s SSD, you’ll be able to quickly resume combat after a defeat with instant loading times. He also talked about wanting players to be able to load into the various realms of Godfall faster, he said, “PlayStation 5 ensures the player is never stuck waiting around their Sanctum (homebase). Once a destination is selected from the Holomap, players will be quickly sent to their mission.”

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