God of War Ragnarok's Thor has just wrapped up recording lines for the sequel

God of War Ragnarok
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The actor behind God of War Ragnarok's Thor has revealed he's just wrapped up voiceover work for the forthcoming game.

Speaking in an interview at Comic Con Revolution last month in May, The Walking Dead's Ryan Hurst revealed he's just finished recording "the last tiny bit of work for God of War." Interviewer Steven Alvarez makes it clear elsewhere that Hurst is specifically referring to voiceover work for God of War Ragnarok, and not motion capture. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Hurst reveals how he landed the role of Thor in Ragnarok. The actor explains that "two creators" (presumably Cory Barlog and Eric Williams) came over to his house for five hours or so, and actually pitched the sequel and the character of Thor to Hurst himself, laying out concept art and other design documents for him to look over.

Hurst describes God of War Ragnarok as "super complex" and a "rich tapestry." In fact, Hurst reveals that not only was this his first motion capture role, but Ragnarok's motion capture wasn't like any other motion capture experience he's seen. Instead of wearing a "suit with balls on," Hurst says monitors dotted around him would display his actions as Thor in real time, showing the character mimicking his every movement as a fully animated character.

The actor also lets slip that Thor is about "seven foot something" in God of War Ragnarok. This is interesting because it should make Thor a good foot taller than Kratos in Ragnarok, as the protagonist has previously been listed as right around six foot four inches, as of the 2018 game (thanks, Reddit detectives). With Thor's imposing height and stature, and Hurst's commanding voice and presence, the antagonist should be a force of nature in the sequel. 

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