God of War Ragnarok fans imagine a future game where Kratos takes on Christianity

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God of War Ragnarok fans are debating what a Christianity-inspired God of War game would be like.

Long before God of War Ragnarok launched, developer Santa Monica Studio made it clear that the Norse-inspired saga wouldn't be a trilogy and would instead end with the second game. Now that God of War Ragnarok is done and dusted, fans are left to wonder what shape Kratos' future adventures will take. Many expect Egyptian mythology could be explored next, while others think a Mayan game could be in the pipeline, but it's all just pure guesswork at this point.

Recently, some fans on the God of War subreddit have been pondering what a God of War game released in 2045 and based on Christianity would be like. User Bean_from_accounts imagines the series' eternally angry protagonist in a much more chilled-out state. "Kratos has already fought against Buddha and has reached enlightenment," they write. "He now metaphorically debates against Jesus and has swapped rage for compassion, giving him +6 health, +3 strength and +8 wisdom."

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Draugr Holes

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While there aren't any biblically-accurate angels to fight, you can fight The Hateful in God of War Ragnarok Draugr Holes

Reddit user Sir_Gwan adds to this with an idea for a spin-off featuring Kratos' son. "Meanwhile, Atreus has somehow fought his way into another universe where he is now the main character of his own franchise, the God of Mischief, and is now going through his own multi-game character arc."

God of War fan Hero-In-Theory is also keen on the idea of a Christianity-themed entry in the God of War series, particularly when it comes to battle. They write, "I would LOVE to fight The Metatron, Michael, Lucifer, Azrael, Samael, the Four Horsemen. See Heaven and Hell and Eden." While another wants the series' hero to be behind the Devil's downfall. "I'd love it if Kratos is somehow responsible for Lucifer falling from heaven," says xenoreddit01.

Back in 2020, God of War director Cory Barlog was asked on Twitter whether Christianity is "just another verse in God of War", to which he replied, "it's part of the world, yes." But it's probably best not to get your hopes up as, even though Christianity does exist in the God of War universe, if it were to be implemented into future instalments, it would likely be a lot more subtle than having Kratos go head-to-head with biblical figures.

The cast of God of War Ragnarok has a few notable actors in the mix, so who might play key figures in Christianity? If you've already battled your way through Kratos' latest adventure, take a look at our guide to games like God of War for ideas on what to play next.

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