God of War Ragnarok beats Elden Ring in PS5's best-selling games in 2022 on PS Store

God of War Ragnarok
(Image credit: Sony/Santa Monica Studio)

God of War Ragnarok bested Elden Ring as the better-selling game for 2022 on the PlayStation Store.

Yesterday on January 17, the PlayStation Blog charts for the PS Store throughout the whole of 2022, revealing which games sold the best over the course of the year. Although Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 took the title of the most-downloaded PS5 game throughout 2022 in North America, it was followed closely behind by God of War Ragnarok.

In third position was NBA 2K23, while Elden Ring slotted in at the fourth position on the list, beaten out by God of War Ragnarok on PS5 in North America. FromSoftware's latest might've been an absolute blockbuster success, selling in excess of 16 million copies since it launched in February 2022, but it couldn't best God of War Ragnarok's sales on PS5 storefronts in North America, which itself was crowned the fastest-selling PlayStation first-party game launch ever back in November.

Like NBA 2K23, the rest of the list features some usual suspects. Madden NFL 23, the unstoppable GTA 5, and FIFA 23 came in at numbers five, six, and seven on the list respectively. Following these, though, was another PlayStation first-party exclusive title: Horizon Forbidden West, continuing Aloy's saga from earlier in the year in April 2022.

Rounding out the top 10 list on the PS Store for North America in 2022 are Gran Turismo 7, and Dying Light 2, in positions nine and 10 respectively. The final list has three PlayStation exclusives in the top 10 best-selling games on the PS5's storefront for 2022, meaning Elden Ring and Dying Light 2 were the only new third-party games that weren't annual franchises to make it into the top 10.

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