Here's the God of War PS5 upgrade compared to PS4 and PS4 Pro

The God of War PS5 upgrade patch is here, and there's already a handy YouTube video comparing the graphics. Check it out above, and read on for a breakdown.

As we previously reported, the God of War PS5 Enhanced Performance Experience includes the following upgrades:

  • Syncs to 60 FPS
  • 4K Checkerboard Resolution
  • 2160p

YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits has curated over ten minutes of comparison footage, pitting the God of War PS5 Enhanced Performance Experience up against the PS4 and PS4 versions of the title. The video compares draw distance (which is the maximum distance of objects in a scene that are drawn by the game engine), load times, FPS, graphics, fast travel times, textures, resolution, shadows, and more between the three versions of the game.

While the graphics may not look incredibly different when not in motion - which is just a testament to how great God of War's graphics are in the first place - there are some seriously notable differences when it comes to load times and frames per second. For instance, it takes just 22 seconds to load up God of War on the PS5, compared to more than double that on the PS4 Pro. And the 4K 60 FPS upgrade means some buttery smooth visuals that are quite frankly jaw dropping - personally I'm living for 4K Jörmungandr.

Sony Santa Monica has been working on this upgraded version of one of the best PS4 games ever since the launch of PS5, to give long-time fans something new to get excited about it, and to introduce new players to an even more beautiful world. Since God of War is now a part of the PlayStation Plus Collection, new players will certainly be awestruck by the epic world in 4K 60 FPS.

Now imagine how good God of War: Ragnarok will look.

Alyssa Mercante

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