God of War II week, day 4: the bosses

Ugly beast, isn't she? OK, first off, head to her left tentacle and attack it until it raises. Go to the middle, pick up your fallen buddy, and plonk him on the button to activate the fan. You can now attack the creature's face, so float up and combo it. Repeat the process until the Kraken slams her tentacles into the fan. When she does this, climb up the side and slice it off at the joint. Repeat with the other tentacle.

Now the Kraken is hanging on for dear life. Put in a couple of combos on one tentacle, then move to the other. You've now softened them up. Return to the first tentacle and beat it until the Kraken lets go of one pillar, then sprint to the other side, and dislodge the other tentacle. Now run to the middle, pull the lever, and send the bridge through its face.