God of War director Cory Barlog drops hints about what PS5 could mean for a sequel

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God of War director Cory Barlog has dropped a few hints about what PS5 could mean for the God of War sequel.

Barlog did this while being interviewed in Animal Crossing by the writer of Star Wars: Rogue One, because sometimes 2020 is off-kilter in fun ways too. Barlog was mostly cagey about what his team has been working on since God of War came out in 2018. He did confirm that the studio has been playing around with the new possibilities presented by PS5's super fast-loading SSD, and how that plays into something the God of War series has always strived toward.

"For me, the SSD is amazing. I'm impatient and I don't like any kind of load times," Barlog said in the interview. "So we've gone through great lengths in this series - all the way back to the PS2 - of trying to hide any kind of loading. So you never really feel like you're having that artificial layer of the game break you out of it. We let the menus do that, and the upgrading and stuff. There's some really cool stuff I think we're gonna be able to do."

Then Barlog pointed out that he always feels a little bit of melancholy when going from one generation to the next, because it means starting over fresh without any of the tricks developers discover to push the most speed and power out of a console (just compare Infamous: Second Son and Ghost of Tsushima, two open-world games from the same studio). That said, he thinks the transition will be easier this time than it has been in the past, and he's looking forward to seeing what people do.

"I do think that we're gonna have a lot of interesting surprises from different studios," Barlog said. "Even games that you're like, oh I'm familiar with what they're doing there, it's gonna be a lot of interesting stuff that I think people are gonna start trying. It might be a couple of years before we start to really see the true magic that I think people are gonna be able to accomplish with any of this hardware. So it will be super exciting."

Barlog was sandwiched in the segment between appearances from Selena Gomez and The Last of Us 2 actors Ashley Johnson and Laura Bailey and he ended his segment by finally confirming what he has been working on since God of War came out in 2018… well, I'll let him tell you in his words: "I'm just catching up on a lot of Paw Patrol."

Thanks for that, Cory. Anyway, here's our list of upcoming PS5 games.

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