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God of War devs talk about old Kratos and levelling up your son in demo walkthrough

If you're still dissecting the God of War reveal trailer for details and insights (we certainly are) then Sony has a handy new video for you. Combat designer Mihir Sheth and gameplay engineering lead Jeet Shroff from Sony Santa Monica Studio have recorded their own (obviously well-informed) commentary for the impressive demo, sharing insights on everything from Kratos' relationship with his son to the new camera angle.

For one, they clarify what those pop-up messages like "Knowledge Gained: Archery +50" actually mean. As their journey continues and Kratos has more 'teaching moments' with his son, the boy will become both a more capable survivor and helpful ally for Kratos - like when he pops that troll with a lightning-charged arrow.

Sony didn't provide any kind of a release window for the new God of War, so we may be waiting a while before we get to play out our own father-and-son mythological beat downs. Perhaps if you stare long and deep enough into Kratos' magnificent beard an answer will form…

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