Who is Kratos’ son? Six God Of War questions Sony is giving loads away with by not answering

So Kratos is back in a brand new God of War game. Beardier and now a sort of a viking. It’s an interesting semi-reboot, with the same character undergoing a huge parental personality shift as well as entering a whole new time period. But it leaves a lot of questions and the most interesting ones are what Sony won’t talk about about. 

I had a behind closed doors demo at E3 and while Sony had plenty of details to discuss here are the things it's staying tight lipped on. 

Who’s is Kratos’ son? 

When directly asked about Kratos’ son’s name, technical designer Mihir Sheth kept it short: “We’re not revealing the name at this time”. That’s not the end of it though. When asked if they weren’t naming the son because if would be revelatory in some way there was a lot of nervous laughing and a tight “more details to come". 

What does it mean? 

The kid’s absolutely a Norse god or hero. While Thor is the first name everyone’s been jumping on (partly because of the electric arrows he uses). There are other options. Ullr is an interesting choice. He’s actually Thor's stepson and is famous as an archer and hunter. Plus, while his mother is the Norse goddess Sif his father is unknown.

Do you get to fight a dragon? 

A dragon flies over Kratos’ head in the reveal but when asked if he’ll be fighting one, gameplay engineering lead Jeet Shroff simply said, “more details to come”.

What does it mean? 

He’s so fighting a dragon. 

Are we going to get more weapons? 

From what we’ve seen so far Kratos now uses an axe, apparently lined with glowing blue runes that give it icy elemental attacks. When I asked if there might, for example,  be red runes that had fire effects Sheth replied “we’re not going to talk about that”. He did however refer to a large area of effect attack seen in the demo as an “ice smash’ suggesting a definite elemental leaning. 

What does it mean?

God of War has always involved a range of weapons and elemental/magical variations. Don’t expect that to change. 

Will there be a photomode? 

Given the success of photomodes for a little post-release promo you might expect God of War to definitely have one. All Shroff will say however is it’s “another detail we’re going to hold off on”. 

What does it mean?

It’ll definitely have one.

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