Go play the Voodolls open beta on Steam right now

Voodolls appearing in the Future Games Show Spring Showcase 2023
(Image credit: Tate Multimedia)

Don't say we don't spoil you, because we're happy to reveal there's a Voodolls open beta launching right now, just in time for us to announce it at the Future Games Show Powered by the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro.

Available right now on Steam, the open beta gives you a great look at what's on offer with this tower defense title ahead of the game's launch on April 13 on PC. If you dive in, you'll also have the chance to win some exclusive Corrupted Skins to use in the full release too. 

Voodolls is a tower defense game that's been designed to with up to three friends online in co-op, but it can also be played solo if you want to brush up your skills. The game spans 12 unique, round stages, and features a campaign mode with three difficulty modes, alongside an endless mode. 

But, it's not just protection that you've got to think about as the waves upon waves of enemies approach, as this is also your one and only ticket out of hell itself. Just four souls have been given the chance to make their escape by a mysterious voodoo priest, who's managed to distill their very essence into a voodoo doll. 

This goes to explain just why each of these unique Voodolls has its own unique abilities, weapons, and battle tactics. Figuring out how best to combine them in four-player co-op is just part of its charm - and replayability of course. Plus, you can use a variety of deadly traps to help defend the Puppet Master from the hordes of hell in your desperate attempt to escape. 

You can play the Voodolls open beta now on Steam ahead of its launch next month on April 13, only on PC. 

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