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Ghost Squad review

The Zapper - light gunning the load of arcade lovers everywhere


  • Addictive replay value
  • Leaderboard adds incentive
  • Accurate
  • satisfying controls


  • Ugly graphics
  • One play-through is short
  • Doesn't have the depth of an FPS

Nov 21, 2007

Despite being the staples of modern arcades, there are hardly any lightgun games on Nintendo formats. Ever since they went all out and created a bazooka instead of an ordinary gun peripheral for the SNES, everyone has steered well clear. There was nothing on the N64 and nothing on GameCube, while PlayStation and Dreamcast had so many of the things, you could choose from about 20 different types of third-party guns along with the official ones.

But now that we have a Nintendo format that seems purpose-built for shooters, perhaps we’ll see a few more of these arcade conversions popping up. And if they’ve had as much care and attention lavished on them as Sega’s Ghost Squad so clearly has, then bring them on.

More Info

DescriptionIf you've ever contemplated dropping a second coin into the original arcade incarnation, you shouldn't hesitate getting the Wii version.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date20 November 2007 (US), (UK)