Ghost Rider burns up the net

With a flick-crammed summer 2006 program, Columbia took the decision to shift Nicolas Cage-on-a-flaming-bike flick Ghost Rider into next year.

Cynics might suggest that it was a safety precaution on the producers part, shifting the movie to the relatively unpacked arena of a February 2007 release date – but we at prefer to wait and judge for ourselves.

The film follows the Marvel comic book tale of Johnny Blaze (Cage), who sells his soul to Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) in a deal to save his dying father. Helmer Mark Steven Johnson has a second chance to make a top-notch superhero flick having done a turn on the megaphone on the disappointing Daredevil.

To get his soul back, Johnny Blaze has to agree to become the Ghost Rider, a flame-bonced ass-kicker on wheels who rides through the night, righting wrongs and delivering vengeance.

Click here to see Nic Cage burning up the cycle lane.

Source: ( Apple Trailers )