Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Wikipedia ain't got nothing on this fact-filled new trailer

Because we care about helping you become a well-rounded, learned-up individual, we're delighted to present you with a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer that accomplishes two things. Certainly it'll help you learn a thing or two about the upcoming shooter, which is well and good. But if the clip doesn't also improve your understanding of 1989's Panama conflict, you're probably George Bush Sr.

Above: In which case it's an honor and a privilege to be providing you with games trailers, Sir

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's release date is May 22, so expect a ramped-up advertising campaign soon as this is the last of “Mack” Machowicz' “Believe in Ghosts” PSAs. You can revisit earlier clips from the intensely handsy Mr. Machowicz here and here, or peep our most recent preview while you wait for the game to sneak up and put some more information-bullets in your brainpan.