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Ghost of Tsushima is the brand new game from inFamous dev Sucker Punch

Here's a game that no-one saw coming. Developer Sucker Punch - well known for creating the PlayStation exclusive inFamous series - has a brand new IP up its sleeves and it's called Ghost of Tsushima. It's ditching superpowers and morality mechanics in favour of samurai swords and a lot of blood. 

Described as an open world action game, the trailer is definitely impressive. Set in the titular island of Tsushima, Japan, in 1274. You'll be playing as a Samurai warrior defending your country against the Mongol Empire. In fact, you're one of the last surviving Samurais, forced to abandon your honourable tactics of old to forge a new way of fighting - literally, the 'Way of the Ghost'. Hence that title then.

It's that or watch your precious homeland crumble. And you wouldn't want that now, would you?

There's no word on when it'll launch, but you can bet your sword it's not going to be soon. As you'd expect from Sucker Punch, this is a PS4 exclusive too. And from the looks of it, it's going to be rather stunning. Those lingering shots of trees wafting in the breeze and the mounted samurai surveying the land are all key indicators of a big PS4 Pro graphics push for Ghost of Tsushima.

We're guessing this means that we won't be seeing a brand new inFamous game for some time then. The last entry was the standalone DLC spin-off for inFamous: Second Son, called inFamous: First Light. It starred Fetch and her badass neon powers and showed quite the contrast to Second Son and its hero Delsin Rowe. 

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