Get ready... for Elebits

Konami's first game for the Wii is Elebits. The publisher has now released its first movie for the game, and while it doesn't contain any gameplay footage, it sets up the story and world for this unique-looking new title. The elebits are tiny, fat creatures that live in the world and provide energy for humans - to cook food with, in the example in the new movie. They scamper around, creating mischief... it's all a bit too cute, in fact. Find out for yourself by clicking the Movies tab above and taking a look.

While hard details about how the game plays have so far been difficult to come by, we know that you'll use the Wii remote to interact directly with a modern-day world - check out the screenshots we have to get a feel for how the game might play. Make sure to check outour E3 preview for the rest of the info we have on this elusive game.