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Get an awesome iBuyPower gaming PC for $200 off during Prime Day

iBuyPower 070iV2 deal
(Image credit: ©iBuyPower)

The Amazon Prime Day deals are burning up all across the world's largest digital merchant, and amidst the frenzy are some discounts on some of the best gaming PCs. A *cough* prime example is this iBuyPower machine, the elegantly named Slate 2 070iV2, currently down $200, only $900 at Amazon (opens in new tab).

This Slate 2 packs a GTX 1660, which takes some of Nvidia's advanced Turing architecture and slaps it into the previous generation's shell, and a very capable Intel Core-i7 8700 CPU. It's got 16GB of RAM, plenty for the current generation of games, and a speedy 280GB SSD paired with a more spacious 1TB HDD. It's a great machine for 1080p at really high frame rates, and can also easily handle most games at 1440p Ultra. 

It's a great, well-constructed machine, and of course comes with the peace of mind of warranty support, and the convenience of not having to assemble a bunch of components yourself. If you're looking for a great, powerful gaming machine, and want to pay less than you would going the DIY route, this Slate 2 is an excellent choice.

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iBuyPower Slate 2 070iV2 gaming PC | $900 (save $200) (opens in new tab)
The Prime Day madness rolls on, with an excellent deal on this gaming desktop PC. With a GTX 1660 and an Intel Core-i7 8700, this rig is ready to devour the current generation of games, and specced well enough to last into the next.

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