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Genshin Impact introduces new Adventurers Assemble event

Genshin Impact
(Image credit: MiHoYo)

A new update, the Genshin Impact Adventurers Assemble event will last from October 28 until November 27 and will give you the opportunity to earn in-game items for introducing new players to the game. 

To be able to participate, you have to be at least Adventurer Rank 15 to obtain an exclusive invitation code from the “Invite Friends” menu in-game, or you can visit the website to link your MiHoYo account to receive the code that way. Afterwards, new players you send the invite to can enter your code and create a bond with you. Once that new player has reached Rank 15 in the game, you will both receive rewards for participating.

There are some rules that you will need to be aware of before you jump in. To break them down, if your Adventure Rank is equal to or below 7, you can go to the Link Friend page to enter another Traveler’s invitation code and create an Adventure Bond with them. After reaching Adventurer Rank 15, each New Adventurer will also receive their own invitation code that can be used to invite other eligible Travelers. 

Each Traveler's invitation code can also be used to invite up to 10 other players and each player can only accept a single invite, so no double the rewards. The event is currently available on all available platforms, but it’s recommended that PS4 participate within the game.

The invitation rewards include:

10k Mora, rewarded after a player uses your invitation code

60 Primogems, rewarded after a player you invited reaches Adventurer Rank 15

60 Primogems, for when two players you invited have reached Adventurer Rank 15

60 Primogems, for when three players you invited reached Adventurer Rank 15

If you’ve received an invitation, the rewards include:

10k Mora, 10 Fine Enhancement Ore, 10 Adventurer’s xp, after entering the invite code

A 3-star artifact: Medal of The Brave, rewarded after reaching Adventurer Rank 5 

A 3-star artifact: Prospect of the Brave, rewarded after reaching Adventurer Rank 10

10 Hero’s Wit, for when you reach Adventurer Rank 15

The event rewards will be sent to you via the in-game mail system, but will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim your rewards.

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