Genshin Impact has officially recast Tighnari's English VA, and his voice will be updated in-game soon

Genshin Impact
(Image credit: Hoyoverse)

After dropping the original English voice actor for Tighnari over sexual misconduct allegations, Genshin Impact has cast Zachary Gordon to play the beloved forest ranger. 

Hoyoverse recently teased that the impending release of update 3.6 would ensure "the character 'Verdant Strider' Tighnari (Dendro)'s VA will be updated," but it didn't confirm his new actor until today. The latest patch notes suggest Tighnari's in-game voice will be updated with Gordon's performance later today, and comments from voice director Chris Faiella confirm that Gordon has been actively recording. 

"I am so f-ing stoked to have ya!" Faiella said in a reply to Gordon. "It was so much fun to record and you did an amazing job. So good, my man! Thanks for all your hard work. Welcome to the game!" 

Hoyoverse previously implied that Tighnari's in-game voice might be updated over time, so I've reached out to clarify the scale of the 3.6 rerecordings. 

Gordon is perhaps best known for his role in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, but he's played or voiced parts in dozens of films, TV series, and even a few video games. He contributed voices to Mafia: Definitive Edition, for example, and voiced Hayner in Kingdom Hearts 3. 

"Honored and proud to be a part of the Genshin family," Gordon said in a tweet

Not unsurprisingly, reactions from Genshin Impact's English community are riddled with Diary of a Wimpy Kid references. This crossover has also led to incredible photoshop jobs like these: 

Genshin Impact fans can now move onto a new, extremely important question: who's gonna voice that new cat girl?  

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