Genshin Impact studio seeking "urgent solution" as voice cast denounces English Tighnari actor after allegations of sexual harassment

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Multiple Genshin Impact voice actors have publicly denounced Elliot Gindi, the English actor for the five-star character Tighnari, who has been accused of grooming, coercing, and otherwise preying on fans, some of them allegedly underage. Developer Hoyoverse has also weighed in, sending the following statement to GamesRadar+:

"We deeply regret the harm and damage that happened to our fans, gamers, community and anyone affected. Both our internal teams and external partners including our voice acting studio have been working together on an urgent solution. And we will keep you posted on the progress."

Content warning: sexual language, emotional exploitation. 

This hit the public on Tuesday, February 7 with the release of a Google document collating dozens of Discord and chat conversations (many now-deleted) between Gindi, several fans, and members of his Discord server's moderation team, dating back at least several months. 

Twitter user FretCore, a moderator on Gindi's Twitch and Discord, collected and shared the conversations, and another moderator, Twitter user phiotan, corroborated their claims with further Discord conversations with Gindi. Collectively, the messages allege Gindi sought "personal relationships with three girls" over Discord, with some exchanges reportedly including "sexting" and requesting to meet in real life.   

In a Twitlonger post positioned as "an apology," Gindi denies knowingly pursuing anyone who was underage, trying "to change someone [who is asexual]," or engaging "with anyone in the ways described above outside of those three people I was involved with." 

However, Gindi admitted to "all" of the chat logs presented as evidence. "What is true: all of the screenshots of the chat logs," his post reads. "Yes, all of the cringy sex talk. Yes, I did threaten suicide if it got out." In one of the screenshots shared by phiotan, Gindi likewise admits he "had personal relationships with three of the girls in the server over the last few months" including "sexting." 

The responses from other Genshin Impact voice actors have been uncompromising. "Disappointed and angry," writes Zach Aguilar, the English voice of Genshin Impact's male protagonist Aether. "I have removed the stream with Elliot and will no longer be associating with him. I refuse to give someone like this a platform in any way. To use your power this way over fans is disgusting and shameful. My heart goes out for the victims of this situation."

Brianna Knickerbocker, the English voice of Hu Tao, tweeted: "I am furious. How dare Elliot threaten to take his life if the victims came forward. Truly sick in the head. Everything Elliot has done has left me so angry and triggered. There needs to be consequences for his actions. There needs to be support for the victims. Believe victims." 

"I’m canceling today’s streams. To be honest, I’m too angry to stream. Please take care of yourselves and each other," adds Anne Yatco, the English voice of Raiden Shogun. "And to the people that Elliot hurt, my heart goes out to all of you. It was so brave of you to speak out, and I hope you can begin the healing process."

Many, many other Genshin Impact voice actors have since shared similar sentiments, condemning Gindi in no uncertain terms. There's still no word on how Tighnari's English performance may be recast or edited in the future, but needless to say, the in-game consequences of this mess take a backseat to the real-world effects on the victims. 

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