Genshin Impact has its first Adventure Rank 60 player

Nearly a year after its release, Genshin Impact has its first reported Adventure Rank 60 player.

YouTube user Revimy uploaded a short cut of a Chinese player's BiliBili video showcasing their grand achievement. With just over two weeks to go until Genshin Impact's one-year anniversary, this player has totally maxed out their Adventure Rank. It's probable that MiHoYo will increase the Adventure Rank cap in the future given that Genshin Impact is planned to run for upwards of five years, but for the time being, they're standing at the summit. 

Longtime Genshin Impact players can tell you that Adventure Ranks really slow down once you hit 55, since the required experience increases exponentially. For reference, if you haven't missed any daily, event, or quest Adventure Rank XP since launch, assuming you've only done a few Original Resin refreshes here and there, you'd now be halfway to Adventure Rank 58, with several hundred thousand XP to go until 60.  

How did this player reach Adventure Rank 60 so quickly? The primary source of bonus XP would be maxing out their daily Resin refreshes, letting them clear more domains and bosses than most players. It's also possible to gain bonus XP by completing daily random events that spawn out in the world, hunting the Unusual Hilichurl up to 10 times a day in multiplayer, and completing activities in co-op for bonus XP. These little things definitely add up, but the lion's share of this player's extra XP would have to have come from buying additional resin. 

What do you get for reaching 60? Nothing special, really. A few Wishes, some Primogems, and some weapon and character ascension materials. That, and any Adventure Rank XP you gain afterward gets converted into Mora since it would be worthless otherwise. From the looks of it, this conversion roughly doubles the Mora given out for daily commissions. Was the reward worth the grind? Absolutely not, but for AR fiends, it's always more about the race than the reward. 

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