Genshin Impact 3.0 quietly fixes one of the most annoying issues in the game

Genshin Impact Yelan teaser
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Genshin Impact 3.0 has arrived, filled with Genshin Impact Dendroculus locations to find, and while it might seem like the new area and new characters are the most exciting bit, players are really thrilled about some much quieter quality of life fixes.

The official patch notes explain that this update "optimizes the experience of moving through complex terrain" using the movement abilities of characters like Ayaka, Sayu, Mona, Yelan, Fischl, and Yae Miko. That means that you can now dash around uneven ground without getting stuck on every little jagged edge you run across.

Genshin Impact's subreddit is now filled with varied expressions of joy about the change, as players keep posting clips of smoothly dashing across rough terrain. "The true buff we needed," one poster declares. Another exclaims "rejoice, fellow Yelan mains! She no longer (so far) gets stuck on the slightest pixel protruding from the ground."

While that's maybe the most exciting of the minor changes in the update, it's not the only notable bit. For one thing, you can now create up to ten party configurations in the party setup menu, up from the previous four, allowing you far more presets.

Players are also thrilled with the Traveler's Dendro build in this update. As one player writes, "Good multipliers, off-field dendro application with a long duration, and no weird gimmicks that get in the way? Solid enough, but then you see it: DendroMC also doesn't suffer from split scaling!"

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