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Gears of War movie is "enormous"

Oct 4, 2007

The Hollywood scriptwriter given the responsibility of penning the silver screen adaptation of Epic's Gears of War has said that movie will be an "enormous film."

Speaking to, Stuart Beattie, whose writing credits include Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, explained that it's likely the Gears movie will be shot entirely on green screen like 300.

"There's no way to build that world any other way, really," he said. "That's a huge world. It's a planet and it's a bubble and it's a building. It's an epic sci-fi war and an enormous film. To get it made at all, the only way to make it for a price is to be on a soundstage. But the game also has that look, which is really interesting, so I think it will dovetail really nicely."

Beattie also said he's going to be "riding" Epic's "asses" about the film script and is working closely with the developer and Gears' daddy CliffyB.

Epic has "lived with this game more than I have and they definitely know these characters, this world and all that kind of stuff. I think the things that they need to develop their games are the same things that I need to write my script. That's just a treasure trove waiting to be mined as far as I'm concerned."

Courtesy of CVG.