Gears of War for two, anywhere

Friday 29 September 2006
One of the best details to come out of Gears of War's X06 showing was confirmation from the game's lead designer, Cliff Bleszinski, that its co-op mode would be playable over Xbox Live.

Obviously, the fantastically vicious four-on-four team deathmatch that was, again, a highlight of Gears' showtime can be played over Live - but it had previously been unclear if co-op play would only be available via split-screen or linked Xbox 360s.

Above: The opening level sees main character Marcus busted out of prison by pal Dom, perfect for co-op play

You can bring a friend into the main game at any time - they'll simply inhabit a partner being controlled by the AI in single-player - which Live support should make even more painless. It's exactly the sort of technical wizardry a 360 flagship title needs to show off, and we'll be putting it to the test when Gears locks and loads for real in November.