New Gears of War: Fantastically talented Bulletstorm dev IS involved in creation of next game

We already know that there's a new Gears of War game on the horizon. But speculation over the developer has been surrounded by conjecture and hearsay. Well, while the conjecture can't end completely, we do now have official confirmation that Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly is involved in its creation. Woot and double woot. Not only did we award a massive 10/10 in our Bulletstorm review, the team also handled the PC port of the original Gears of War, so it's familiar with the series' ins, outs and chainsaw-induced spouts of the red stuff.

The confirmation comes from an affirmative quote tweet straight out of the beak of Epic Games President, Mike Capps. He stepped in on Stephen Totilo's question aimed at People Can Fly's creative director Adrian Chmielarz regarding Game Informer's Gears of War cover tease. Living up to his excellent name, Capps even shouts his enthusiastic answer in CAPS at the end of it:


Of course, 'involvement' does not imply complete development duties, but that's irrelevant. We hold this particular studio in very high regard and, having seen the imaginative, excessive and creative opportunities offered by BulletStorm's gameplay, the thought of seeing what they can do with the Gears universe is mouthwatering. Whether the game turns out to be for current gen or being used as a showcase for Unreal Engine 4 on next-gen, we're extremely excited. More very soon.

Source: CVG

Justin Towell

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