Gears 5 Error code Estana - here's what it means and what to do

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If you tried to log in as soon as possible, you may have run into Gears 5 Error Code ESTANA. The new shooter from Microsoft and The Coalition is available now for players with Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, or folks who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, ahead of its full release on September 10, but it's had a bit of a rough start for players who wanted to play the campaign as well as those who wanted to jump right into multiplayer.

Though you might expect to be safe from launch-day connection issues when playing a single-player mode, players across the board have received Gears 5 Error Code 0x80004001 and were directed to search for "ESTANA" on the game's official support site. Unfortunately, that term doesn't actually seem to produce any results yet, since The Coalition still seems to be spinning up their public-facing support options. According to Gears lore, Estana was a city that was destroyed by the Locust ten years after E-Day, if you're curious where that name came from.

Here's the first official response The Coalition sent out about the connection errors on Thursday.

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Here's the latest update as of this writing. It looks like things have cleared up quite a bit even if they're still not perfect yet.

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If you're still running into any problems, particularly with content that you should have unlocked not appearing in your game yet, The Coalition recommends giving your system a hard reset (turning it off and back on again, not just putting it in rest mode) and then logging back in. That should resolve most issues players are facing, and otherwise you can submit a support ticket.

If you're settled into the campaign, make sure you check our Gears 5 components guide so you can get Jack upgraded ASAP.

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