Garfield 2 review

Good news for everyone who watched the first outing of the blobby moggy – and we mean everyone. Not only will this sequel delight fans, but it also isn’t quite as eye-gougingly intolerable as its predecessor was for its many detractors. Lifting a bog-standard prince-and-pauper doppelganger gag and bolting on a Frankenstein blend of Aristocats (fortune-inheriting animals defend themselves from outraged, short-changed human) and Babe, Garfield 2 has a top cast of British throats blabbing as the animals. While the kids soak in the burping/farting ‘humour’, adult victims can enjoy spot-the-gob, with the likes of Vinnie Jones (besting his entire X-Men: The Last Stand performance with just one word) and Bob Hoskins behind the mic. It’s not much better than the original, certainly not worth a whole extra star, but it’s at least slightly more appealing.

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