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Gaming with Nvidia 3D Vision

The list of games supported for Nvidia 3D Vision is quite impressive. There are currently over 400 PC titles supported with everything from Age of Empires 3 to World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. You can view the complete list here.

So how do games look? Amazing! Forget the cheesy ads you’ve seen of rockets flying out of your monitor at into some poor guy’s face. While explosions and objects do “pop” more with 3D Vision, it’s more about depth and definition. Look down an alleyway, and it’ll seem like it goes on forever. Characters in the foreground and background are incredibly defined. But it’s the little things that really stand out. A random object on a shelf in the corner of the room, which wouldn’t catch your eye normally, suddenly becomes the most fascinating thing you’ve ever seen, demanding that it be studied from all angles while bullets fly haphazardly above your head. Below are some impressions of how 3D Vision looks and feels after replaying some of our favorite recent releases.