Gaming supermen

What the hell did people do all day before the internet? In just the past year, user-generated sites like YouTube have become everyday destinations for virtually anything that's ever been recorded, broadcasted or even conceived of - and that includes gaming. A recent thread over on the Penny Arcade forums called out the best you'll-never-pull-this-off video game moments captured on video, and wouldn't you know it, YouTube pretty much as them all. Prepare to feel worthless.

We perused the list for classic videos, thought up a few of our own (that later turned out to actually be on the message board... around page 14 or so) and picked 10 we demand that everyone see. They're a mix of once-in-a-lifetime events and carefully constructed moments, but watch at your own peril - if you live to be a billion, swear off bathing and ignore every sexual advance made upon you, there's still no way you're catching up to this level of insanity. And don't think we didn't try.

Shadow of the Colossus - EXTREME colossi stunts!

When a game's all about 16 giant boss battles, they'd better be hardcore enough to carry the whole adventure. Shadow does it so effortlessly it's a little scary. What's even more impressive, however, is this series of death-defying leaps from creature to creature - every time we see the third colossus' gargantuan sword launch the hero into the sky, only to land perfectly on the monster's glowing weak spot, we're in quiet awe. Those giant bastards had it coming anyway.

For more giant-slaying goodness, check out some of the other YouTube videos on contributor TopDollar's page.