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'Gaming needs to be like mowing the lawn'

Nov 26, 2007

Gas Powered Games' head honcho Chris Taylor sees a future for games, and that future is in some way like "mowing the lawn". Seriously. Wait - don't react yet, listen to what he has to say first:

"When I ride the lawnmower I don't think about steering and cutting grass... I think about life. I think about work. I think about things I have to do. I recharge - charge my batteries up.

"When I finish mowing the lawn, I haven't done a chore - I'm actually ready to take on something. That's what I think gaming needs to be."

It's certainly a unique view, you have to admit. And it certainly lends itself to an eye-catching headline. But what does it actually mean? Well, in an interview with PC Gamer UK published this issue, Taylor explains his interesting theory:

"Do you want your entire Saturday to be laying around or do you want your whole Saturday to be about working, or would you rather a combination of both? You do some chores, you sit, you enjoy. It's a balance. I'm striving for that in my next designs - a balance of energy output and energy input".

Right. Tell you what, go grab PC Gamer UK issue #182 for the full interview feature, which also includes Taylor talking toilets, Lego Star Wars and his childhood. It's on sale right now. Go on!