89 percent of you won't clear out your gaming backlog in time for 2016

Hopes are dwindling for folks who planned to clear out their gaming backlog by the New Year. That's the score according to our unscientific poll (opens in new tab), which found that 63 percent of you would very much like to clear out their piles of shame if they could just find the time. I mean, The Witcher 3 came out back in May, for crying out loud, but there's Geralt out in the wilds with a bursting quest log and a half-completed Gwent set.

A stalwart 11 percent of you still intend to clear out your backlog in time for New Year's Day, while a pragmatic 26 percent realize that the situation has spiraled beyond all hope - that means nearly nine in ten have surrendered in the face of insurmountable odds. Maybe you can take a page from Atari's playbook and bury your pile of shame in a New Mexico landfill.

I swear, I really am going to finish Persona 4 Golden this holiday break. And maybe finally get started on Darksiders 2…

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