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GameTap - all about the Lincolns

Ever gotten bitten by the nostalgia bug and tried dropping an old classic in to your disc drive for a spin? After hearing that Sam & Max would be returning to the PC under the wing of new indie developer Telltalle Games, we wanted to play the 1993 classic, Sam & Max Hit the Road.

Upon cracking open our mint condition box we find... oh man, 3.5" floppy discs? DOS? Whoa, we didn't want to get that nostalgic. Sure, we could twiddle around on the 'net and find an emulator like ScummVM or DOSBox, but we just wanted to dust off Sam & Max, not our propeller caps.

This is where the niftyGameTap servicecomes to the rescue. First off, GameTap is a subscription service that lets you play all sorts of classic games anytime you want for a very reasonable monthly fee, on a modern computer without a fuss. Sign up for a year, and you can look forward to a mountain of incredible PC and arcade games for about five bucks a month.

Highlighted by the immensely wonderful Planetscape: Torment, Baldur's Gate Iand II, Zork, all the Myst games, Homeworldand Homeworld 2, the King's Quest series and of course Sam & Max Hit the Road - in addition to calling first dibs on the new Sam & Max title.

We won't even go into thecreaking tower of classic console and arcade gamesthat can be had for a fiver - you should be doing that right now.