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GameStop to begin offering digital PC game pre-orders in-store starting with new Deus Ex

GameStop announced yesterday that it would begin offering digital PC games from its retail locations. This makes them more than just another competitor for services like Steam, GamersGate, and Direct2Drive because GameStop's position as a retailer gives them the chance to apply trade-in value of physical games towards digital distribution credit, which is something no other game seller (digital or brick and mortar) can do.

The PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, due out Aug 23, will be the first game sold by GameStop through digital distribution, and to offer a little extra incentive for customers. Anyone who pre-orders the PC version of Human Revolution will also receive digital copies of the original Deus Ex and its sequel, Invisible War. We knew GameStop would be moving into digital distribution back in March, when we reported the acquisition of the online retailerImpulse, and expect to see many more games offered digitally through the store in the future.

According, gift cards, gift certificates, and credit stored on Edge cards can't be used for payment on downloads, but they %26ldquo;anticipate that these payment options will be made available.%26rdquo;

Jul 29, 2011